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Jason and Tara are two friends who met met in 2010 when Tara's husband Rick introduced them at a LARP (live action role playing game). They collaborated on a book project and generally work together pretty well.

...Unless they're talking about movies, in which case, arguments ensue.

Rarely, they will agree on movies.

Such landmark occasions* include:

  • June, 2011: Jason watched "Serenity" and liked it.
  • February, 2012: Jason introduced Tara to the Irish musical film "Once" and she thought it was a good movie.
  • May, 2012: Tara wanted to see "The Avengers" a second time (because Thor). Jason went with her to the movie and he liked it enough to cook shawarma afterwards.
When Jason suggested collaborating on a 'bad movie blog,' the friends found that they quickly disagreed on what qualified as a 'bad movie.' "Jason and Tara Argue About Movies" is the result.

*This list will be updated, although you can expect it to remain rather short.

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