Monday, February 18, 2013

FACE OFF: Devil's Carnival

FACE OFF: "Devil's Carnival" (2012) 

Defender: Jason

"Devil's Carnival" is a self-funded project by the people behind "Repo: The Genetic Opera." Everything about this movie is amazing. The atmosphere, the costumes, the characters,  the writing, and the music (you should all buy the soundtrack now!) fire on all cylinders. Nothing here falls flat at all.

"Devil's Carnival" follows three lost souls who recently departed as they enter hell.  Each person's tale is based on an Aesop's Fable. I really don't want to mention what tales, though, because it will ruin way to much of the story for you.

Come One, Come All!

The carnival is amazing. The set designers did an amazing job; when I go to hell it better look half as good as this movie. If it doesn't, then it won't be nearly as ominous or creepy. Add in the costume design for the carnies and you get something that is some mythical word that is better than amazing. Ultra-amazing maybe? I not sure we have a word to describe it.


Because this movie was self-funded, they had to do their own publicity. Luckily, "Repo" has such a cult following that they already had a good fan base, but really more people should know about this movie. It is just so great. There are just too many things to like about this movie.

Two more episodes have been written, and there was word that they will continue the story if they can afford it. So please buy this movie and tell your friends. Everyone should have their 'tickets' ready.

Critic: Tara

I thought this movie was iffy. If you're looking for a movie with extensive plot, look elsewhere. If you want a macabre showcase of songs, check it out. It's more like a revue.


Like Jason, I enjoyed the aesthetic of this movie. As a fan of the steampunk genre, I appreciated the Victorian carnival-inspired costuming. The costuming really defines the members of the carnival, including the victims who fall to hell.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

We're Co-Hosting the All Things Irish Blog Hop!

All Things Irish Blog Hop - 3/17/2013

are co-hosting the 2013 All Things Irish Blog Hop. 

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Please note that while this is a friendly blog hop, it is open to all blogs and blog types. Some participating blogs may include content that is:

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As hosts of the blog hop, Tara (of both hosting blogs) and Jason (of Jason and Tara Argue About Movies) will read and promote the first 300 participating blogs and provide a comment.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

REVIEW: "Dracula's Curse"

REVIEW: "Dracula's Curse" (2006)

This blog is part of the 2013 Precious Monsters Vampire Blog Hop (Valentine's Day, 2013).

NOT Recommended...

Wow, I am not sure what to say about this movie. It is so bad it became good again then went straight back to awful. Just everything about this movie is whole new level of suck. I am not a fan of Bram Stoker's novel but he should consider coming back from the grave and taking everyone involved with this movie out. I mean it King Tut has his curse, Bram should get something for this. All Tut had were some grave robbers. Nothing this bad.

First off, the acting is as hollow as you can get. Not one actor in the whole movie has inflection in their voice. They have normal and angry voices. It is like the actor/esses have never had a normal conversation in their lives. It is like they scoured the local high school for acting talent.

Then when it comes to the fight scenes, they are so robotic. Everyone moved like they had a hanger still in their coat. Just an amateur effort all around. Also, I got the feeling that Col Rufus (played by Thomas Downey) wanted to wink at the camera every time he fired a gun or landed a punch.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

REVIEW: "Wrong Turn Two: Dead End"

REVIEW: "Wrong Turn Two: Dead End" (2007)

Not gonna lie,  I am watching this because I was to lazy to turn on Netflix and nothing is on TV.  The original "Wrong Turn" was too dark to see. Dark enough that is wasn't scary at all. They corrected that problem in this one: most of the movie takes place in the day, and the night scenes are light enough that you can actually see the movie.

Plus there is 100% more Henry Rollins in this one. True fact: Henry Rollins' body contains more awesome in it than the entire state of Utah. He has had to deal with this his whole life by producing awesome things lest he explode. This movie is surprisingly one of them.  

Let's paint the forest red!

The gore was pretty good for a straight-to-DVD movie. In fact, they did better than the previous movie that was meant for theaters. I also learned that when a person explodes it create more of a blood splatter than what was actually in the victim's body. Also, not everyone throws up when they find out they just ate their friend. (More on that later...)

Story, as in, there was one.

Well it was more of a premise really. But then again a premise is really all a slasher movie needs. When out filming a reality TV show, all mayhem breaks out when deformed cannibal hillbillies start raising havoc. How many times have you wished for this after flipping past "The Bachelor" or "Jersey Shore?" I don't even watch those shows and wish it would happen. 

Remember your roots

This movie was done as an homage to 80s horror movies. There are almost no noticeable CGI effects. Almost everything was a Karo blood and explosions. It even had the same kitsch that I remember from my childhood. 

I found myself screaming in my head, "why are you going in that cabin?!" or "WATCH OUT!" There were even three great references in the movie. The shows director was wearing a "Battle Royale" shirt and the cast was trying to survive in the woods.