Monday, April 22, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Kung Fu Fighter

Ahh K, sweet lady K. Today is KUNG FU Movie time with the aptly named "Kung Fu Fighter." I know what you're saying, a more generic name could not be found. "Kung Fu battle between two foes who don't seem to see eye to eye on an important issue so they have to fight with Kung Fu till the death or reasonably close!" was actually filmed the previous year. Now I love me some kung fu movies.  All you have to do is throw the words "kung fu" in a movie title, and most likely I will watch it.

Retro Vibe Including the Bad Over-Dub.

I actually think "What's Up Tiger Lily" had a better over dub than this movie and Woody Allen actually wrote a whole new script.  At first it was enduring but after a while is crossed into being annoying.  There was an entire scene where they did a dialog drop while the speaker didn't move his lips and had his tongue out the whole time. A good solid two minuets of spoken dialog without moving his lips.

Action: Now We Kung Fu Fight!

The fights were very well choreographed;  I just wish they were a touch more of them. They were very reminiscent of over the top kung fu movies that have been coming over the last decade. My favorite part were some of the wacky weapons. Seriously - a tea pot and feather duster. Another person had a chiropractor style that look so hard to pull off.

This movie is definately worth a  night of your life. Despite its problems, it is pretty decent.

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