Saturday, April 6, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: FDR: American Badass

Wait, what did I just see?! Did I just imagine that whole movie? There is no way that just happened.

Seriously, this movie happened, and if you love crass humor like I do, then you should watch it. This movie goes blue real quick.

A German Werewolf Outside of Paris.

The movie starts when a Nazi werewolf attacks Governor Franklin's hunting party. After the creature kills two people, FDR takes matters into his own hands with some good old fisticuffs. Then we find out werewolves are carriers for polio. (Glad we finally explained how FDR contracted polio.) Honestly, I am pretty sure this movie is historically accurate. At least I wish it was.

Historical Fiction + Monsters = AMAZING.

2012 AD gave birth to an amazing trend. Take a historical figure and have them fight monsters. I really hope 2013 continues this oddball trend. We got to see Abraham Lincoln fight zombies and vampires in two separate movies and now FDR in a tricked-out wheel chair killing werewolves.

Just think of the possibilities: Geoffrey Chaucer preventing Franz Ferdinand from being shot and saving us from an old timey pop act. Ohhh - George Washington travailing in time to beat up an asteroid about to hit the earth. And because I like three examples, Ivan the Terrible in "Everybody Poops".

Olderer Than Your Shoe Size.

I have to reiterate something:  if you are mentally older than your shoe size just walk away. If you did not mentally imagine Ivan the Terrible explaining how everybody poops, and giggled till you had to stop and catch your breath then this movie and run on sentence is not for you. Just walk away. I suggest "Amelie,"  that movie makes my soul smile and think that love might be a real thing.

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