Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Paintball

While on an extreme paintball outing, the players get shot...with bullets. PLOT TWIST! Wow, I think I actually just gave a rather detailed summary of the entire movie. Nope, I don't think I missed anything.


I am actually on a paintball team, so I noticed that there were a ton of glaring flaws with how they depicted the sport. Almost all of them could have been cleared up had they just taken the actors out to the range one for a day, then maybe followed it with some gun safety lessons.

Oh wait, this is Hollywood, and guns are magical things that don't require common sense. Over half the actors didn't have a full masks on...just goggles and a helmet.

Paintball guns tend to be set for 180 to 190 fps (feet per second). That comes out to 1.96 miles per minute at 190 fps. Before the group knew they were in danger, they were just lifting up their goggles and masks to talk while being shot at. These were supposed to be "professional" players that should have known better.

On the other hand...

It wasn't a wretched movie, it had some good moments. Like when....

On the other other hand...

Never mind, this movie is just plain sub par and, at best ordinary. There isn't even an ounce of story.  We have no idea why they are being picked off and the ending scene made no sense at all. I had to rewind it because I thought I missed something. Just utter nonsense. If you are looking for gore, look someplace else. Everything is shown though night vision goggles.

Final verdict...Just no.

Don't bother seeing this movie. There are better things to watch on Netflix. If you are a paintball player, watch the first 30 minutes for straight giggles. Everyone else, watch something different.

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  1. Not even the 30 minutes were any great for a Paintball player, it would be better to watch Mr bean.