Sunday, April 21, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge Bonus: Jurassic Bark

In reply to: JURASSIC PARK

Tara,  I am not sure how you watched Season 4 Episode of Futurama in the 90s when it was aired in 2002, but how can you be happy thinking about it?  It is easily the saddest sitcom episode of any television show ever.  What kind of person are you, Tara?  Fry lost his dog Seymour, and the Seymour waited without any chance of Fry coming back.

Watch with your dog.

If you watch this hyper sad episode of Futurama be prepaired to cry and hug your dog.

You seriously don't have a dog!?

If you don't have a dog,  adopt one first at your local shelter.  I suggest naming your new dog Rex and teaching him or her an adorable trick for parties.  What ever you do though,  don't I repeat don't dress your dog up.  Rex seriously wouldn't like that.

Your allergic and have an apartment?!

Seriously?  Really?  Those are not excuses at all.  There are breeds at are hypo-allergenic and you can adjust to having a dog.  If you have an apartment, you can get a smaller breed.  'Specially if you are naming them Rex.  That will be hilarious,  can you imagine a tiny little Maltese named Rex?  How much fun it would be o take them out for walks with a tiny spiked collar?

Good now that you have a dog,  prepare to be sad!

Queue up this episode and cry like a little girl who dropped her ice cream while Rex looks at you confused.  Really that is all,  go adopt a dog.  Remember adopt an older dog,  they have a harder time finding homes.  You can't save all of them, but you can save one of them.

                             Sabrina and me in high school.

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