Friday, May 10, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Quest for Movie Fandom Culture

The culture of a movie fandom is unique to each movie, and hard to explain to someone who hasn't ever been a devout fan of anything related to entertainment. That said, I find it no different than a fan's devotion to a favorite musician or author - the only difference is it's another art form; another genre.

Being moderately interested in a movie franchise is the real interesting part. Obsessed fans wonder 'how can you not KNOW that?' and non-fans wonder exactly what the fuss is all about. When you first become interested in a fandom, it might seem really elite, and some fandoms are known for being elite. It's just like a part of joining any other club or interest group.

What really bothers me is how someone who was once obsessed with, say, The Beatles can't understand a person's interest in a particular movie or franchise. if you've followed a band like Muse across the country, what gives you the right to call someone an idiot for wanting to see "Iron Man 3" on opening night?

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