Saturday, February 16, 2013

We're Co-Hosting the All Things Irish Blog Hop!

All Things Irish Blog Hop - 3/17/2013

are co-hosting the 2013 All Things Irish Blog Hop. 

On 3/17/13 (St. Patrick's Day), blog hop participants will publish something related to Ireland, Irish culture, Irish diaspora, or St. Patrick's Day.

Please schedule your blog posts to publish ON St. Patrick's Day.

Ideas for your blog topic include:

  • Review of an Irish movie
  • Reflection on Irish American Culture
  • Irish fashion
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Irish recipes
  • Content about beer
  • St. Patrick's Day safety tips
  • How your family or city celebrates St. Patrick's Day
  • A short story with an Irish theme
  • Interview with an author who is Irish or member of the Irish diaspora
  • Irish craft ideas
  • Irish history

Please note that while this is a friendly blog hop, it is open to all blogs and blog types. Some participating blogs may include content that is:

  • Religious
  • Adult
  • Political

All participants must express their opinions in any commentary and comment in a respectful manner.

As hosts of the blog hop, Tara (of both hosting blogs) and Jason (of Jason and Tara Argue About Movies) will read and promote the first 300 participating blogs and provide a comment.

You may join until 8:00 PM EST on 3/16/2013.

Simple guide to joining:
1) Place the following image on the main page of your blog and link it to

You may copy and paste this code (copy and paste only items between the XMP tags. Do not paste XMP tags):
<xmp><a href=""><img src=""></a></xmp> 

2) Sign up using the below list (via Linky)

3) Spread the word! Make this a successful blog hop!

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