Friday, June 14, 2013

Street Fighter: The Movie - A Van Damme Good Time!

Street Fighter is an odd movie. It less movie and more of a time capsule.

All the cheesy goodness of the '90s is captured here. Honestly, it could be a new throwback movie today - like Tropic Thunder or The Expendables. Add it to your Netflix Instant Queue now and NEVER TAKE IT OUT. Don't worry if you haven't played the games the movie is based on.

The sheer awesomeness of this movie transcends the games and holds its own, so don't worry.

Can't have a hero without a villain.

Raul Julia is amazing as M Bison. He plays such a maniacal mad man and has so many great lines. This movie has so many good and decent actors and RJ steals the movie.

If you would have told me he played Gomez Addams, I would have never believed it.

It is a little sad that movie gets dumped on so much, and it was one his last major movies. (He passed away the same year this was in the theaters.)

Seriously,  look at that image and try to not think it is awesome and all things great.

Everyone Not Raul Julia.

Everyone else did a great job. Even Van Damme with his ridiculous accent trying to be an American. Could his French accent be stronger?

All he was missing was a cigarette and a Jerry Lewis picture. Everyone's performance was as strong as it needed to be for this type of movie.

Just watch the movie already. Make some pop corn and watch it.

Seriously why are you still reading this? Just go and watch it.

Try to watch it and not smile.  I dare you.

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