Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FACE OFF: Guilty Pleasures

FACE OFF: Guilty Pleasures
"Gossip Girl" vs. "Snooki and Jwoww" - Who Wins?

Jason's Guilty Pleasure: "Gossip Girl"

I heart-o-potamus "Gossip Girl," or as the other fans say "totes luv it!" I have a wing-dang-doodle so I shouldn't like it, but the show is just so damn juicy. In the first episode, Serena comes back and we find out she slept with Nate, her BFF's boyfriend. Dan meets Serena and it is sooo love at first sight but we find out that Dan's dad Rufus and Serena's mom Lily dated while they were younger and they still carry a torch for each other. The show is so amazing that it causes run on sentences!

ZOMG the fashion!  Even the poor characters are put together.

Look at those dresses!  All four of them are AH-MAZING. I could seriously live in their closets. Those two on the right are in little black dresses. Seriously, that is drab for them.

Then There's The Back Stabbing.

Everyone plots against everyone. "Gossip Girl" is like the Roman Senate. I mean like Oh My God every episode there is something new and juicy and it never gets tiresome. I once watched five hours accidentally and had to call out of work.

I am sad the show ended. I still have to catch up on Season 6. I decided to re-watch them and hope that six is on Netflix when I get there.

Tara's Guilty Pleasure: "Snooki and Jwoww"

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I actually like "Snooki and Jwoww." I guess I enjoy it because the show depicts what I've seen happening so often in real life: an irresponsible, self-centered person gets pregnant and actually gets her act together.

Lots of people make fun of Snooki, but her story on Season 1 of "Snooki and Jwoww" seems pretty real. In fact, it's the most reality I've seen in reality television in a long time, especially from anyone in the "Jersey Shore" cast.

Additionally, the show is broken into 30 minute segments and I can kind of tune out while I watch it; it's not exactly intellectual entertainment. It is funny, and it's a good show to wind down to before heading to sleep or when I'm just taking a break from work. Actual run time for each episode (if you fast-forward through the commercials) is about 20 minutes per episode, which is about how long it takes me to eat lunch.

The show's cute, and sometimes it has more animal print and pink than I can handle, but it's worth watching!

Who won the battle? Which show do you like more - or hate least? 
Leave a comment below in defense of your favorite show.

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