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Review: Blitz

Review: "Blitz" (2011)

Directed by: Elliot Lester
Starring: Jason Statham, Paddy Considine, Aidan Gillen
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Synopsis: A ruthless killer is targeting cops. It takes an especially dangerous cop to catch the killer.

Reviewer: Jason
Status: Meh.

Jason Statham is actually 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' in the commercials. It took a lot of effort, but he built a time machine and came back to film them. Statham has been a model, Olympic diver, black market merchant, martial artist in multiple forms - and when he gets the time, he's an actor.

That's why I was sad to see "Blitz." Maybe my expectations were too high from movies like the "Transporter" series where Statham did all his own stunts. This movie was relatively boring.

When I watch a movie for this blog I usually have my laptop open or a piece of paper so I can take notes. This time, I only wrote one thing,  "Joker-Purple." The action is few and far in between and the plot was pretty easy to guess.  


The villain Barry Weiss reminded me a lot of The Joker. When we are introduced to him he isn't wearing a shirt and has a purple and blue track suit with toxic green sun glasses. Actually, a lot shots they did were reminiscent of how they shot the Joker in "The Dark Knight." Problem is, that is too lofty of a goal for even the best movie. Aidan Gillen doesn't fall flat as a villain, he is just no Ledger.

Meanwhile, Our Hero...

Statham's character Tom Brant, is a cop teetering on the edge. He drinks a lot, smokes and blacks out.  Also I realize that description is a bit vague in the world of cop movies. He also has the gall to beat people who are trying to kill him. Only in England can a cop get in trouble for defending himself from three teenagers trying to rob him.

He also apparently has a bad memory. He originally meets Barry in a billiards hall where he is trying to hurt some other patrons. Tom walks in picks up a cue and proceeds to beat the tar out of him and then shoves billiard balls down his throat. Then when he comes face to face with him later in life he completely forgets him.

How often do you shove billiard balls down someones throat that you forget it? How often are you doing this that it becomes old hat?

"Blitz" isn't a bad movie, just a bleh movie. See it if you are bored and have seen all the other Statham movies. Also, now when I play paint ball I now want my call sign to be Joker-Purple.   

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